• Baptiste Massé

    Co-founder - Chief Creative Officer

  • Émilie Rouault

    Co-founder - Chief Executive Officer

  • Stefane Ardenti

    Head Producer

  • Ponette Sarde


Mécanique Générale is a Paris based 3D print and animation film production company.

Our commitment is to use state of the art technology to make ideas possible.

Where in the tech driven world of CGI, machines and technical considerations do often take over the creative energy, our position is to always focus on the creative idea.

This conviction, together with a shared passion of creative excellence and commitment to a reliable and efficient process, is what lies at the heart of our company, founded in 2008 by Baptiste Massé and Émilie Rouault.

Collaborating with visionary creative agencies and prestigious brands around the world, we are driven by a permanent quest for innovation and outstanding artistic and technical expertise.

Building on the passion, and the organic workflow of MG's team our goal is always give the appropriate impetus to concepts, leading to award winning campaigns, and building a solid reputation.

Built around Baptiste Massé, and his outstanding creative vision and experience in CGI, the MG team brings together some of the most talented directors and graphic designers of their generation. All of them contribute to nourish MG's culture and expertise through personal artistic projects.